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Tips for the perfect day at the Oktoberfest

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Soon it will be time for the famous Oktoberfest in Munich. The largest folk festival in the world, will be opened on Saturday 16 September, solemnly by the mayor of the mayor of Munich. Then it is again “O’zapft is!”

The Wiesn is hard to describe, you have to experience this unique spectacle yourself. The combination of tradition and modernity, coupled with guests from all over the world, make the Wiesn like the Oktoberfest is called by the locals, to the special “fifth season!”

In order to be able to enjoy your Oktoberfest visit at its best, we have compiled tips and tricks for you.

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  1. What time is it going on?

You should agree with your escort whether you want to have your breakfast not already at the Oktoberfest. A traditional Weißwurst-Frühstück (white sausage breakfast) in the beer garden or fantastic cakes and coffee at Café Mohrenkopf, at Bodo’s or Café Kaiserschmarrn, already make a special start to the day. Afterwards you can enjoy the (hopefully) nice weather in the beer garden or take the first walk over the Wiesn and soak in the unique atmosphere. If you prefer to visit the Oktoberfest in the evening, you should visit the Oktoberfest grounds in the late afternoon. On busy days, the beer tents are often closed as early due to overcrowding!


  1. How do I get there?

Do not drive by car to the Oktoberfest! Parking spaces around the Oktoberfest are rare and after you had a “Maß Bier” you should not drive anyway. If you do not want to get to the Wiesn in crowded public transport, A2B | mobility in motion is the perfect transfer service partner for your trip to the Oktoberfest. Our chauffeur service brings our guests directly to the Oktoberfest and after the visit safely back home or to the hotel. If you want to, we will also pick you up at one of the “after-Wiesn-locations”. Whether you are by yourself or in a group, our Limousines and MiniVans offer comfortable space for everyone. Our limousine service is one of a kind.




  1. Which wardrobe is suitable?

You will see, it is worn what pleases. If you would like to appear in traditional cloth, you can order your Dirndl or your Lederhosen online. Since a Dirndl is has to fit perfectly, we recommend you go to one of the many Trachten-Stores. There you will receive an excellent service and certainly look “fesch!” It is important to choose a comfortable footwear for this day and be sure to pack a jacket for the ride home.


  1. Backpacks, Bags and Co.!

Due to the intensified security measures at the Oktoberfest, this year again rucksacks and bags are forbidden. Take only the most necessary with you. The gentlemen have enough space in the pockets of the Lederhosen and Janker-jackets to store everything they need. In a Dirndl are also bags, unlike normal dresses. To ensure that you have stored everything safely, we would like to introduce you to the exclusive “Trachten” accessories from Lieb Ju. The lovingly designed smartphone bags in the traditional design, are our absolute favorite pieces.



  1. What do I have to see?

The Krinoline, is the oldest ride. The musical accompaniment during a trip in this carousel takes over a brass music band. Also, the Tobogan, a large wooden slide and a ride with the Riesenrad are worth seeing.

At Schichtl, a traditional theater is, several times in the day someone is sent to the “Guillotine”. Absolutely worth seeing, with lots of humor. The Teufelsrad (Devil’s Wheel) cannot be missed, a spectacle for young and old. You do not even have to participate in the show itself, watching the show offers pure entertainment!

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, go to the “Oide Wiesn” and immerse yourself in the history of the Oktoberfest. In the tents, traditional music is played, you drink your beer from stone-slugs and you can turn on the dance floor your rounds.



  1. When should you leave in the evening?

The last beer is served at 10:30 pm and the tents are closed an hour later. You can certainly imagine how massive this break-up mood is. If you’ve got one of the coveted places in Weinzelt or Käfer’s (where you can celebrate until 1am), we recommend you to go back home or go to one of the many Munich clubs.

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We wish you a pleasant Oktoberfest visit!

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