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How To Take A Break In Stressful Times!

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We are all used to the fact that stress dominates our everyday lives. The morning traffic on the way to the office, tight schedules, long working hours and time-consuming business trips shape the daily work routine. In addition, you try to master the optimal balancing act between job and private life, and your stress level has almost reached its peak. What can you do to ensure that your work-life balance does not get out of hand, even in stressful times, and that you can take regular breaks to stay productive in the long term?


  1. The perfect start to the day!

Anyone who develops a daily morning routine will start the day relaxed. In stressful times it helps to prepare for the upcoming day. Small things, for example, having a packed briefcase and the clothes ready for the next morning will help. When the most important things such as wallet, keys and mobile phone always stay in the same place, it makes a morning search unnecessary.


  1. Stress-free work path!

Traffic jams and the annoying search for a parking space as well switching public-transportation several times, long waiting times at the train-station and crowded wagons are commonplace. The stress level increases significantly in people who travel more than 60 minutes to work. Frequent commuter complaints include headaches, fatigue and upper back pain. In addition, there is the risk that the daily recovery comes too short. To make your work journeys more stress-free and healthier, you should use flexible working hours and the possibility to work in the home office, if your employer offers it. This way you can minimize the time pressure caused by the journey to or from work and avoid the traffic peaks. If you don’t have these possibilities, then try to switch off consciously on your way to work. Read a book, listen to a radio play or music and refrain from editing your appointments and emails from your mobile phone. Another option would be active relaxation on the way to work, by riding the bike or walking, if the distance is not too far. The movement helps you clear your mind and finish the workday. Or use a chauffeur service for some rides in order to arrive relaxed and stress-free at the destination.


  1. Planning is half the life!

You do not have to worry about your everyday life completely, but a minimal “to-do list” and a calendar bring order into your life. Plan professional and private appointments and actively take breaks. Check daily which tasks could not be done and transfer them to the new day. So, you are prepared and usually will not experience any bad “missed dates”.


  1. No leisure stress!

Avoid planning your free time, especially in stressful phases. Instead, there should be time for doing nothing. Of course, people are different, the one relaxed better active, by exercising and doing sport, the other prefers to lie on the couch. It is important that you consciously take a break from your everyday life, and do not have to rush after each barbecue invitation. Enjoy a beer after work with friends or take a long walk with your partner, only important is that you find something that is relaxing for you. Do something good for yourself!

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