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Packing The Efficient Way – 5 Hacks For Business Trips

A2B Business Service GmbH > Packing The Efficient Way – 5 Hacks For Business Trips

On business trip again? If traveling is a must, the journey should be as smooth and pleasant as possible. To ensure an uncomplicated business trip, efficient packing is  also essential. That’s why we give you 5 useful hacks which simplify the packing.


1.) Size matters
Don’t choose a too big suitcase. If the suitcase is too big, the risk of clothing and other contents flying around and wrinkling is high.


2.) Heavy things are going down
At first, lay all your clothes on the bed. Start to place the heaviest things, like shoes, hairdryer and books, at the bottom of the suitcase. The remaining things can be packed, depending on their weight, up in the direction of the handle. Like this you can avoid the heavy things (e.g. shoes) pushing down the lighter clothes (e.g. shirts) and causing wrinkles.


3.) Wrinkle-free packing
Clothes which doesn’t tend to wrinkle should be rolled instead of folded. Blazer, suit trousers and long skirts shouldn’t be rolled. These you lay in the suitcase with the feed hanging over the edges. The remaining belongings should be put on top of them. At the end, you just fold over the legs. Tissue paper can be useful, if you put it in between shirts, jackets and blazer to avoid wrinkles.


4.) How to pack shoes the right way
The sole of a shoe is never clean (besides they are new). To keep your clothes clean you should put them at the bottom of the suitcase and in a bathing cap or cotton pouch.


5.) Save some precious space
To save even more space, you should choose only 3 colors. You can combine them then like you want to. At least, keep two of the three colors muted and use colorful accessories to give your outfit an individual touch.
Possible color combinations are: e.g. white – dark blue – orange/red/pink
grey – white – silver/pink/red/green
In general: not too colorful for business trips
We hope that these hacks facilitate the packing for your next business trip.


Your go-to business trip packing tipsYour go-to business trip packing tipsInfographic by Quill

By the way, passengers who use the chauffeur service of A2B | mobility in motion, do not have to worry about heavy baggage.

  • All business limousines, luxury limousines and MiniVans of the A2B Mobility in motion fleet are equipped with a luggage scale.
  • Our chauffeurs will gladly weigh your luggage before your departure and provide you with an extra suitcase.
  • Moreover, we offer baggage handler service from the arrival point to the check-in.


A2B | Mobility in motion Chauffeurs & Limousines makes your business trip pleasant, smooth and efficient.

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