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How to stay fit on a business trip!

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You travel a lot for business and spend a large part of your daily work in meeting rooms, in taxis and by plane. Biscuits and coffee in the meeting, a quick snack before the next appointment and a spicy dinner with business partners. If that sounds familiar, then you are like most business travelers. Exercise and a healthy diet are often neglected due to the changing locations. But how do you keep yourself fit when you’re constantly on the move?

We’ve put together some easy-to-follow tips for a healthier everyday life for you. Continue reading now.

Those who spend many hours sitting each day are proven to harm the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system. Try to move between meetings or even on arrival. Choose the stairs instead of the elevator, walk part of the distance to your appointment and take breaks in the fresh air. This way, you get your cardiovascular system going, loosen up your muscles and are therefore more efficient.

The hectic everyday life has you firmly under control. Tension, headaches and concentration problems are commonplace. If you are permanently under stress, plan on taking a break and try to really switch off during this time. Listen to music, read a book or go for a walk and recharge your batteries! You may also be able to plan a few hours of “vacation” on your business trip. Take a little sightseeing tour that will be balm for your soul.

Your performance decreases if your body is not sufficiently supplied with fluid. You get a headache, your ability to concentrate decreases. Your primary liquid should be water, 2-3 liters daily. Coffee is much better than its reputation, so drink a cup or two. Due to the stimulating effect, you should not count coffee as a liquid supply. So, you should always have a bottle of water with you.

Eat healthy!
A sandwich at the train station, a snack at the airport and a few biscuits in the meeting, that’s what the diet of many business travelers usually looks like. Unfortunately, your body is not adequately supplied with this type of diet. Take daily healthy snacks such as an apple or a banana. Choose light meals like a wok pan or a large salad. If you only have the choice between fast food and food stalls, then a kebab with lots of vegetables and salad is a good alternative to burgers and fries. Avoid as much sugar and white flour as possible, they give you energy fast, but are burned just as quickly and the cravings reappear.

Do sports!
A pair of running shoes or a thin sports mat will fit in almost any luggage. Before starting your journey, check if your hotel offers a gym and if there is a nice running track nearby. But even a simple workout with the help of your own body weight can be done in any hotel room. A wide range of training program apps can be found in the play store or app store of your Smartphone.

We hope to have inspired you with our simple tips and wish you a pleasant journey!

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