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The profession chauffeur – from mechanic to status symbol

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The term chauffeur comes from the French term for stoker because the earliest automobiles like their railroad and sea vessel counterparts, were steam-powered and required the driver to stoke the engine. Primarily a chauffeur was defined as an engine driver, who was also operating as stoker and mechanic. In the early times, it was necessary to employ a chauffeur. The cars of this time have been expensive luxury goods with a frail automotive engineering and every few hundred kilometer you had to change the tires. Of course, the noble gentlemen didn’t change them on their own, for this they got employees, who took care of the car.

Wolseley-Siddeley limousine and chauffeur, London c1906-1907 (6724163767)

Today the profession of a chauffeur isn’t the one of a mechanic anymore. It changed. Since the 50s the autotechnology improved: the numerous repairs and tire changes were no longer the case. Chauffeurs took on secondary tasks, such as the butler, the gardener, the confidant. The chauffeur became the symbol of a noble lifestyle. – a status symbol was born!


The domains of a chauffeur today are in the following areas: private, business, VIP and transfer. It is evident, a turn to exclusivity has taken place. Exclusiveness in terms of securing your time and comfort. Time is a precious asset in our fast-moving world. With a chauffeur service, regardless in which sector, you can use your precious time more effective. You have an important business meeting and want to use the time before efficiently?  Or you are invited to a social event and want to relax the journey to get there without stress? A professional chauffeur will offer you all that.

But what characterizes a professional chauffeur and what makes you recognize it? Generally, a chauffeur must have a license for passenger transport. There is the possibility of certification by DEKRA. DEKRA-certified VIP-chauffeurs pervade particular high standards regarding general knowledge about traffic, safe driving, safety, attentiveness and social skills.

A chauffeur must not only have technical knowledge, but also have a professional acquaintance with the customer. He must have very good knowledge of the place and language as well as the correct handling of the different cultures. A good general education is an equally important prerequisite. The Chauffeur profession so very demanding, as you can see, and the service itself also places high demands on chauffeurs and limousine service providers. A well-groomed appearance, etiquette, discretion and absolute serviceability are indispensable.

Today, a chauffeur isn’t something, only managers can afford. Advantages and amenities of this kind are as well in the business sector as in the private area desired. You are going to feel relieved and able to spend time on the beautiful things in life.

Indulge in an affordable luxury of a chauffeur service on your next trip! You can find high standards, safety and highly skilled chauffeurs at A2B | mobility in motion.


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