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5 Tips For The Right Office Summer Clothes

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The temperatures are rising, and everyone enjoys the warm weather, especially on leisure time. On hot days in the office, nothing would be easier than choosing a summer outfit. But what is acceptable? Which outfits bring you stylistically confident through the daily business routine in the summer? We have put together a little style guide for you.


  1. The pants question!
    Especially in banks, insurance companies, law firms and in the management consultancy, long pants duty, no matter how hot the temperatures may be. Especially if you maintain customer contact. Shorts, whether with a jacket and shirt, or casual with polo and cardigan, shorts do not belong in the office!


  1. Pay attention to the material!
    In warm temperatures choose a suit made of high quality materials. Fine new wool and lightweight cotton fabrics should be your first choice. Pay attention to the lining, silk is a bit more expensive than viscose, but is more comfortable to wear in summer. Suits you wear in the summer should be half-lined at best. Depending on the industry, summer linen suits are not an alternative, as they tend to wrinkle and look casual and sporty rather than professional and elegant.


  1. Short or long-sleeved?
    Also, a classic question, which some may ask in the summer: “Can I wear a short-sleeved shirt in everyday business?” The answer is very clear – no! Short-sleeved shirts are for free time and not in the office. Talk to your colleagues and your boss. When it’s hot, no one will mind if you loosen the cuffs and roll up your sleeves. If your customer comes in the door, it is time to roll the sleeves down and put your jacket back on. By the way: a jacket should never touch the skin! And this has practical reasons, the shirt protects the fine materials of the jacket from sweat. Your shirts can be washed easily, the jacket can only be ventilated or needs to be dry cleaned.
  1. The right footwear!
    Unfortunately, there is no alternative here. No matter how hot the sun burns, only closed shoes are suitable for the suit. Sandals are frowned upon. Also, wearing socks that do not make your skin stand out is essential. For the ladies, sling pumps and peep-toes are now allowed in some industries, but please do not forget the sheer pantyhose, which is an absolute must, even on warm days.


  1. Not too short!
    The ladies have it slightly easier in the summer than the men. So easily the trouser suit can be exchanged for a shift dress or a skirt. Attention should be paid to the length of the skirt, knee-length is suitable for business. Transparent blouses, off-the-shoulder tops and low-cut necklines are inappropriate.


Did you know? Well-dressed people radiate appreciation. Who dresses carefully and stylish receives more and longer attention of the listener. Stylish clothing is just part of it – even in summer!

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