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Heartiness under a Bavarian blue sky

A typical Bavarian seven-course dinner? One roll with sliced sausage and a sixpack of beer! You don’t’ have to visits the famous “Oktoberfest” to enjoy the proverbial Bavarian enjoyment of life. Under the blue-white sky of the state capital, life is rather cozy. No wonder Munich once was called a “metropolis with heart”. As yesterday so today, Munich is welcoming guests from all over the world.

Discover the many beauties of Munich together with the chauffeur service and limousine service of A2B | mobility in motion in a very convenient way. Within the context of a sightseeing tour through downtown Munich, It doesn’t matter whether you want to visit such famous attractions as, for instance, the Marienplatz, the English Garden or one of the many castles in the immediate vicinity – we are always there where you need us.

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